What To Expect When You Release Live Butterflies After A Funeral

When someone dies, one of the last things you want to think about is how you’re going to pay for their funeral and other expenses that come along with losing a loved one.

But these expenses do not have to be crippling if you plan ahead and budget appropriately. One good way to save money on the cost of your loved one’s funeral and memorial service (including cremation) is to incorporate something like a live butterfly release after the service.

1) Who Is This Service For?

People who have experienced loss are often hesitant to plan a funeral for someone they love.

This reluctance usually stems from wanting to avoid additional pain associated with planning for death. Because of these feelings, some people choose to forego planning altogether and instead opt for cremation without ceremony or other cremation-only options that don’t allow loved ones to say goodbye in person.

If you’re thinking about skipping a funeral in favor of something less painful, consider opting for butterfly release instead. Regardless of your religious beliefs, releasing butterflies after a loved one’s service offers an unconventional but meaningful way to honor their memory while avoiding many of the difficult conversations that come along with planning a traditional burial or funeral service.

2) Why Choose This Service?

For some, releasing butterflies at a funeral is part of a spiritual awakening, but for others it’s simply an important gesture to remember your loved one.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to release live butterflies after a funeral, there are several factors that can help ensure that you have a successful experience.

As you begin planning your service, talk with people who’ve released butterflies at funerals before. Find out what worked and what didn’t work for them. Doing so will give you an idea of how many butterflies need to be released in order to cover an area sufficiently or even how many might be needed if it’s windy on your day of release.

3) How Does It Work?

This beautiful ceremony has become more and more popular, but you might be surprised at how many people actually ask what is actually happening when they release live butterflies.

Rest assured that it’s entirely natural; these butterflies don’t come from a factory or anything like that. They are born, raised, and released in their natural habitat (in our case) every day of their lives without interruption.

As adults, they will eventually mate with others in the area to continue the cycle; it’s entirely up to them if they want to be part of it. We simply set up an environment where they feel safe enough to do so!

4) Completely Natural

Natural butterflies have been released at funerals since they were discovered by native populations in Central and South America thousands of years ago.

Today, however, a staggering number of funeral homes in North America still consider butterflies a mysterious or even unnecessary addition to service. Here’s what you need to know about bringing live butterflies into your next service…and why you should do it.

5) Create an Emotional Impact

The sight of a fluttering butterfly is enough to make most people smile, let alone one that’s been released into a living willow tree at a funeral.

Even if you’re not certain what your loved one would have wanted, butterflies can be an elegant and symbolic gesture—but only if you choose wisely.

Consider your climate and surroundings when you decide on what type of butterflies to release. There are over 150 different species in North America alone, so there should be no shortage of options to choose from.

From tropical butterflies to more temperate ones, many caterpillars feed on local plants—so they’re less likely to fly off if they’ve been raised in or near your area.

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