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Butterflies for Funerals


Quality Butterflies

When you chose to release butterflies at your Memorial Service, you can’t go wrong with our Premiere Monarch for your Memorial Butterfly Release.

Also, because we raise our butterflies ourselves, we are able to offer the lowest prices in the industry – guaranteed!

One Dozen -- $89
2-4 Dozen -- $77 per dozen
5 Dozen or more -- $70 per dozen

Butterflies for Funeral Services


Standard Release Boxes

We take great care in packaging and shipping your orders so that they arrive safely and on time.

Each butterfly is packaged individually in our standard release boxes (at no extra charge), and shipped overnight in a cooled, insolated box.

Butterfly Release for Funerals


Commemorative Release Box

For “mass releases,” we offer this lovely white release box, which will accommodate up to 4 dozen, and also comes standard, at no extra charge.

The first box is free. For each additional box, the charge will be $17.00.

Instructions are included, explaining how the butterflies are transferred from the shipping envelopes, into the mass release boxes.

Butterfly Release Funeral


Remembrance Display & Release Box

This large white Organza box is perfect for displaying your butterflies before the event, and then creating a beautiful memory by releasing them afterwards.

It can easily accommodate your large orders of 5 dozen or more. Instructions for transferring are included.

Large White Display / Release Box -- $35.00

Butterfly Release for Funeral Services


Memorial Display & Release Boxes

Our Medium size Display and Release box is just the right size for the medium size orders of 2-4 dozen.

The Smaller Display & Release box is perfect for the smaller orders of 1-2 dozen. This small box is also useful for displays at gatherings after the event.

Medium Display / Release box -- $25.00
Small Display / Release box -- $20.00

Funeral Butterfly Releases


Tribute Accordion Release Boxes

These hand-held boxes are perfect for one or two dozen. Just remove the top and pull the ribbon inside, and out fly the butterflies! The butterflies are already “loaded” in the boxes, so no transferring is necessary.

These are wonderfully popular, and a great idea for your smaller orders.

Large Accordion box (2 doz.) -- $25.00
Small Accordion box (1 doz.) -- $20.00

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