Our Guarantee Policies


  1. Live Butterfly Guarantee

    Because we take pride in our quality product, we most certainly guarantee that you will receive live, healthy butterflies for your event.

    Secondly, even though we take great care in packaging and shipping our butterflies in order to assure the greatest success and safety in deliveries, we make two additional provisions to assure your satisfaction:

    a. We ship one extra butterfly per dozen to cover for any possible losses in shipment.

    b. If on rare occasions, shipping losses exceed the extras we have provided, we will reimburse you for any butterflies that were expired on arrival. All that we ask is that you return the expired butterflies to us within 5 days after the event, in order to qualify for this reimbursement.

  2. Arrival Guarantees

    Monarch-Hills guarantees that we will ship your order so that it will arrive on time. In most cases, we ship two days before the event (except when events are on a Monday or Tuesday), so that your order will be scheduled to arrive one day before the event. MH will not be held responsible for the following errors which are rare, but can occur.

    a. In the event the shipping company fails (for any reason) to deliver your package on time (as scheduled), MH will not be held responsible. We therefore, will not be able to refund the purchase price for such failures by the shipping company. We can, however, refund the shipping cost, since the shipping company will refund the shipping cost to us for late or delayed deliveries.

    b. In the event your order is shipped to the wrong address, either due to a shipping company error, or because the customer has provided the wrong information, MH will not be held responsible for such errors, and therefore will not be able to provide a refund.