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Butterfly release for your Funeral Service

The Funeral butterfly release is a unique and wonderful way to create an unforgettable memory for your loved one. The Monarch Butterfly is able to reflect the perfect sentiment when moments are sensitive, and a gentle touch is needed.

Butterflies for Funerals


The Butterfly Release

The butterfly release has become increasingly popular at graveside services, as the butterfly typifies rebirth and new life.

As the butterfly flies from people to people and flower to flower, the Funeral Butterfly Release has an exceptional way of capturing a special place in the hearts and memories of all those who attend.

The Monarch butterfly promises to edify those present with a reflection of serenity and peace while demonstrating its gracefulness in flight.

The process of ordering and receiving your Funeral butterflies couldn’t be more simple!

All you have to do is decide how many dozen you want (see FAQ ) and enter the date of your event, and we take it from there.

You will receive your order the day before the event. The butterflies are packaged ready to be released. On the day of the event, simply remove the release boxes from the shipping container and place them in a basket. When you are ready, simply pass them out to your family and friends. It couldn’t be simpler for you.


Butterflies for Funeral Services

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Butterfly Release for Funerals

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The Butterfly release is the perfect compliment to many types of events.

Besides Memorials, the butterfly release is a wonderful way to celebrate different occasions such as graduations, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, and Quincieneras, to mention a few.

The Butterfly Release has also become very popular for the Butterfly Wedding as well.

The Wedding Butterfly release has a unique ability to create an unforgettable experience.


Butterfly Release Funeral

Nothing is as beautiful as the butterfly release, and nothing can make
lasting memories like the beautiful Monarch Butterfly. You couldn't
make a better decision!


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